Video Conferencing Courses

Course Description

Teacher to contact with questions: Mrs K. Spencer

Can’t find the course that lights your future?

Want to study a subject that is not offered by Putaruru College?

Online learning provides you with the opportunity to enrol in a face to face online course taught by a specialist teacher based in another Secondary School somewhere in New Zealand, depending on your chosen subject.

You will meet with your subject teacher and the rest of your class once a week for your hour long Video conferencing session using Zoom. For the rest of the week you will work on the tasks discussed  in your online class for the next Zoom lesson. You will have a timetabled slot for this course work.

There are any number of courses available for you to choose from for example…

Languages & Cultural Studies:

Social Sciences eg Economics, Accounting, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Religious Studies.

All the Sciences 

Art history and many more subjects.

VC is ideal if you are self motivated, you find you have a subject clash or for subjects which are not offered at Putaruru College.

Most subjects are offered at Beginner to Level 1, 2 and 3.

Click here to download the list of available courses  or see Ms. Spencer or Mr. Shaw

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